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4 Things to Know When Starting a Nurse Practitioner Private Practice in North Carolina

4 Things to Know When Starting a Nurse Practitioner Private Practice in North Carolina

First, it is important to acknowledge that North Carolina is a restricted designation state, meaning that nurse practitioners (NP) are restricted from certain elements of practice and are required to have oversight from another health provider for their entire career. In North Carolina a NP’s practice is limited to working under a physician.

What to Know:

1. Understand the Legal Requirements for nurse practitioners in North Carolina: The Nurse Practitioner is jointly regulated by the North Carolina Board of Nursing (NCBON) and the North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB). Here is where you can find the NP rules and laws in North Carolina. They must also be fully cognizant of the regulatory laws within North Carolina and must prepare themselves to be in compliance with these mandates. It’s also very important to obtain malpractice insurance.
2. Learn the Business Side of Private Practice: Operating a practice requires an understanding of business, including insurance verification, billing, accounts receivable, payroll, and other financial and operational matters.
3. Create a Business Plan: Serving as a blueprint for the practice, the plan should detail service and product offerings, pricing structure, expenses, projected income, and marketing strategies.
4. Choose a Specialization: While choosing a specialization is optional, doing so may allow their practice to stand out as a niche form of care delivery.
Bonus: Ask For Advice! Working with an attorney and finding a mentor can help NPs navigate the difficulties of running their own business with greater effectiveness.
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Written by BréLeigh Stragand, Marketing Assistant