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Blog ‘Application for Nursing License Denied?’

Blog ‘Application for Nursing License Denied?’

Whether you are seeking a nursing licensure by endorsement, licensure by examination, or a multistate license, the NC Board of Nursing (NCBON) must issue you a license in order for you to practice nursing in North Carolina.  A license can be denied for a multitude of reasons including, but not limited to, complaints on a license held in another state, conviction of certain crimes, or being untruthful on an application.  The later seems to be the most common.   So, what happens if you follow the application process and your application is denied?  For starters, you are not without options.

Nursing License Application Initially Denied, Now What?

An applicant passes the entrance exam, shows proof of required education, submits a criminal record check, and the license application.  A letter is sent, and it says, ‘denied’.  Good news is that there is still an opportunity to appear in front of the Licensure Review Panel of the NCBON.  This is an informal hearing with four participants from the Board of Nursing.  The members of the LRP decide if the denial will subsist or if the denial will be reversed and application approved.  Sometimes an applicant is approved, but there are requirements that the applicant must adhere to in order for the license to be issued.  If the Licensure Review Panel does deny the applicant a license there is still another chance for the applicant.

What Is The Next Step After The Licensure Review Panel?

If the LRP denies the applicant a license after an informal hearing, the applicant can request a hearing in front of the NC Board of Nursing itself.  The Board will review the documentation sent to them by the LRP and ask questions of the applicant.  The applicant may provide testimony herself/himself to explain to the Board the circumstances behind why the application is in question.  After the hearing in front of the NC Board of Nursing, the Board makes a decision regarding the license. 

Being denied a license after years of hard work and the cost associated with it can be frustrating. It’s important to not get discouraged and remember that you are entitled to counsel to assist you in obtaining your professional license.

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