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North State Law has the following office policy regarding COVID-19:

Our office has had the ability to work remotely since we opened our doors.  We are happy to do phone consultations and we have the ability, through Zoom, to do video consultations, if you prefer.  If your consultation requires that our office be able to view documents, then we will need the documents prior to the scheduled consultation.

As of today, March 23rd, we will still be allowing in-office consultations.  If this changes, we will update our website and social media accounts.

If any of the below applies to you we will not be able to accommodate an in-office consultation.

  1. If you have had or currently have a fever we will need to do a phone or video consultation
  2. If someone you live or come into contact with has or has had any COVID-19 symptoms such as a fever we will need to do a phone or video consultation
  3. If you have visited a foreign country or a large U.S. city such as New York City within the last 14 days, we will need to do the consultation over the phone or via video

Thank you for your understanding in this difficult time.  If you have any questions, even if it’s not about an area of law that we practice, please contact us so we can get you assistance with someone we trust.