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How Many Kids Can You Have in Your Home Daycare in North Carolina?

How Many Kids Can You Have in Your Home Daycare in North Carolina?

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Today’s blog is about family childcare homes in the State of North Carolina.

What Is A Family Child Care Home In North Carolina?

A childcare arrangement in North Carolina is called a Family Child Care Home (FCCH) if a resident of a home is caring for more than two children, but less than nine children at any one time.  If the answers to the following questions are ‘yes’, then you will need to be licensed to operate your Family Child Care Home.

Will I Be Caring For More Than Two Children Who Are Not Related To Me?

If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, then you will need to be licensed if the answer to the following question is also ‘yes’.

Will The Children Be Present At My Home For More Than Four Hours A Day?

If the answer to this question and the previous question are both ‘yes’, then you would need to be licensed by the NC Department of Health and Human Services-Division of Child Development and Early Education.

Are There Any License Differences When Watching Preschool Age Children?

Yes, pursuant to NCGS 110-91(7)(b), “[o]f the children present at any one time in a family child care home, no more than five children shall be preschool-aged, including the operator’s own preschool-age children.”  So, there is a difference if you are planning on having preschool-age children at the child care home.
Navigating the world of child care centers and homes can be difficult and sometimes confusing.  The NC DHHS-DCDEE has done a good job on providing information and applications, which can be found on their website HERE.
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