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Preparation and Your Professional License

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Preparation and Your Professional License

On January 13, 2020, LSU will take on Clemson University for the national championship of college football. Louisiana State University is led by head coach Ed Orgeron, a Louisiana native. This is Coach Orgeron’s third year at the helm of LSU and he has found great success. His success was founded on a plan for the program that he presented to the administration during his interview.

So, What Does This Have To Do With Professional License Defense Or Law In General?

Good question and the answer is preparation. Not only preparation for the next game or legal case but preparation in running your business. Coach Orgeron came into the interview for LSU’s head football coach vacancy ready to present his plan for the program. That plan was laid out in a very large and organized binder that he used to convey his plan to the school administration. Part of Coach Orgeron’s blueprint for the program was to update the offense that LSU had run for decades. For years LSU ran a run-heavy offense that was out of date with today’s game. When LSU hired Coach Orgeron he began to assemble a staff of assistants.  Those assistants needed to run a more pass-oriented, modern spread offense that would bring the program into the modern offensive game.

Finding A Captain To Lead The Team

A quarterback named Joe Burrow was found through the transfer portal prior to the 2018 season to run this new offense. After a season working out the kinks with a new team in a new conference Burrow won the Heisman trophy, which is presented to the best player in major college football. Orgeron’s success can be directly tied to his preparation, not just for the upcoming game, but for the upcoming seasons.

How Important Is Having A Plan For Your Business?

Most business professionals that have a degree in business know the importance of making a business plan and updating it every quarter or so. Unfortunately, licensed professionals that do not have a business background are typically not taught the importance of a business plan. I know because I’m one of them. I’m willing to bet that Coach Orgeron, who is now 55 years old and was a head coach at a rival school over ten years ago, had to learn the hard way about the importance of having a plan in place for his program before taking over.

When a professional creates a business plan and consistently updates, success is often right around the corner. A licensed professional will benefit from the seeds that he/she has sown if he/she works hard, updates the plan when necessary and sticks to the business plan.  Failing to have a plan can lead to ethical problems, which lead to license issues.

What Should A Licensed Professional Business Owner Be Concerned With?

Small business owners that are dependent on his/her professional license have a number of things to be concerned with. How can I ensure that I am ethically doing my job? Am I producing enough revenue to keep paying my bills? Can I afford a salary for myself? When can I hire someone? Am I ready for a bigger office? All these questions, and plenty more, are answered in a business plan. Don’t take my word for it, just watch the game on January 13th. Win or lose, you will see a team well prepared for not only the game at hand but for the foreseeable future. If you run into an unforeseeable issue with your professional license, reach out to a professional that can help you get back on track with your business plan. Call us today and be sure to check out our other blog posts on our website here.