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Professional Licensing for Pharmacists

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Professional Licensing for Pharmacists

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is the licensing authority for Pharmacies and Pharmacists in North Carolina. The Board‘s authority to issue and regulate licenses comes from North Carolina Administrative Code 21 NCAC 46 sections .1200-.3500.

Record Keeping

Due to the nature of the work pharmacies and pharmacists have to keep strict records on all prescription drugs that come in or go out of the pharmacy. This includes drug order records and requirements as well as records of dispensing and records pertaining to the filling and re-filling of prescriptions. These are all found under 21 NCAC 46 section .2300.

What Do I Do If I Am Facing An Action By The Nc Board Of Pharmacy?

The NC Board of Pharmacy sends a notification indicating that they will be taking action toward your license. You need to act quickly to reserve your right to a hearing. Properly notify the Board in writing of your intention to have a hearing within 60 days of receiving their notice. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken by the Board against you and your license.
You can always seek to resolve any issue with the NC Board of Pharmacy after you request a hearing. A licensed pharmacist can also go forward with a contested hearing if he/she wishes. Doing nothing after receiving a notification from the Board will result in your potential lose of your professional license.

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