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North State Law helps North Carolina Nurses Protect Their License When They Have Received a Complaint, Facing Investigation or Facing Disciplinary Action.

When the North Carolina Nursing Board receives a complaint, they have the responsibility to investigate these claims. After an investigation, they can hand out penalties that can be devastating to a nurse’s career. Through this process, the nurse is entitled to legal representation.

North State Law represents North Carolina Nurses in front of the North Carolina Board of Nursing when facing complaints, disciplinary action, investigations, and licensing issues.

Managing Partner, Nick Dowgul, has experience representing North Carolina nurses and protecting their professional license when they’re in jeopardy of losing it due to an allegation. 

In addition to representing nurse clients in front of the North Carolina Nursing Board, Nick has authored the guide, “Is Your License To Practice As a Nurse or Nurse Practitioner in Danger?”

The guide provides valuable information that should help North Carolina nurses avoid licensing issues. 

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How can a North Carolina Nursing License Defense Lawyer help me if I am facing licensing issues?

The administrative process taken by the North Carolina Nursing Board when they receive a complaint about a nurse is a very complicated one.

The process has many steps and procedures that allow the nurse to defend against the allegations levied. Without the proper knowledge of this process, it’s easy for someone who lacks training in these procedures to become confused. 

That confusion can lead to missed deadlines or improper filings that will prove detrimental when protecting everything the nurse has worked for in their career.

Additionally, a nurse can face a hearing without any preparation from an attorney. 

In this situation, a nurse with no knowledge or preparation of what is about to occur may give answers detrimental to their primary objective of protecting their license.

An attorney who has experience with the proper procedure of the North Carolina Nursing Board can help streamline your defense. If a hearing is to take place, an experienced attorney can prepare you. The preparation will not only include what to say but also how to say it.

When facing allegations or complaints, your livelihood is on the line. You don’t have to fight the allegations alone.

At what point should I hire an attorney to represent me in front of the North Carolina Nursing Board?

As soon as possible.

Generally speaking, it is best to obtain counsel as soon as possible in any legal matter. Hiring an attorney as soon as you can allows them to get working on your defense. The more time the attorney has to investigate the claims, the better they will be prepared for the defense and protection of your nursing license.

Additionally, the more time they have, the better the attorney will prepare you if a hearing takes place.

What are some common reasons for disciplinary action taken by the North Carolina Nursing Board?

While many situations could lead to disciplinary action by the North Carolina Nursing Board, the following are the situations we see most within North State Law:

Lack of Protecting Patient Privacy

Diversion of Drugs for personal use, sale, or distribution

Failure of Drug Test

Substance Abuse

Felony Arrest or Conviction

Patient Abuse / Neglect

Unprofessional Conduct

Inappropriate Patient Relationship

What should I do if I think I'm going to be facing disciplinary action from the North Carolina Nursing Board?

You should contact an experienced North Carolina Nursing License Defense Lawyer to consult about your situation as soon as possible.

Speaking with an experienced lawyer who has represented clients in front of the North Carolina Nursing Board will allow you to ask questions that have weighed on you for days or weeks.

In any situation, the fear of the unknown is most often the worst part. A consultation will allow you to get peace of mind about your case and better understand how to face the allegations.

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If you have received a complaint, are facing investigation, or disciplinary action from the North Carolina Nursing Board, contact Nick Dowgul of North State Law to discuss your situation. 

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