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NC Nurse General Statute | 90-171.37 (6B)

When the North Carolina Nursing Board issues a complaint to a nurse, the document may reference specific North Carolina Administrative Codes (NCAC) or North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) that the nurse is alleged to have violated.

Understanding these codes and statutes is important for nurses to understand what is being alleged in the complaint.

On this page, we’re focusing on North Carolina General Statute 90-171.37 (6B)

Statute Language:

North Carolina General Statute 90-171.37 (6B)

Commits acts of dishonesty, injustice, or immorality in the course of the licensee’s practice or otherwise, including acts outside of this State.

What does this code mean?

If you’re a North Carolina Nurse and have received a complaint with this law cited in the text, it is being alleged that your actions, professional or personal, are dishonest, unjust, or immoral to the point of bringing your ability to perform your nursing duties into question.

This includes actions taken outside the state of North Carolina.

Protecting Your North Carolina Nursing License

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