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NC Nurse General Statute | 90-171.43

When the North Carolina Nursing Board issues a complaint to a nurse, the document may reference specific North Carolina Administrative Codes (NCAC) or North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) that the nurse is alleged to have violated.

Understanding these codes and statutes is important for nurses to understand what is being alleged in the complaint.

On this page, we’re focusing on North Carolina General Statute 90-171.43

Statute Language:

North Carolina General Statute 90-171.43

No person shall practice or offer to practice as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, or use the word “nurse” as a title for herself or himself, or use an abbreviation to indicate that the person is a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse, unless the person is currently licensed as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse as provided by this Article. If the word “nurse” is part of a longer title, such as “nurse’s aide”, a person who is entitled to use that title shall use the entire title and may not abbreviate the title to “nurse”. This Article shall not, however, be construed to prohibit or limit the following:

(1) The performance by any person of any act for which that person holds a license issued pursuant to North Carolina law;

(2) The clinical practice by students enrolled in approved nursing programs, continuing education programs, or refresher courses under the supervision of qualified faculty;

(3) The performance of nursing performed by persons who hold a temporary license issued pursuant to G.S. 90‑171.33;

(4) The delegation to any person, including a member of the patient’s family, by a physician licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina, a licensed dentist or registered nurse of those patient‑care services which are routine, repetitive, limited in scope that do not require the professional judgment of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse; [or]

(5) Assistance by any person in the case of emergency

What does this code mean?

If you’re a North Carolina Nurse and have received a complaint with this law cited in the text, it is being alleged that you are practicing as or titling yourself as a “nurse”, while currently not having the proper credentials required by the state of North Carolina to practice as a nurse.

Protecting Your North Carolina Nursing License

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