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North Carolina Real Estate License Defense Lawyer

North State Law helps North Carolina Real Estate License Holding Professionals and Real Estate Companies when facing issues such as suspension, revocation, or disciplinary action from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

In 1957, North Carolina General Statute 93A-1 went into effect, which deemed it unlawful for any person or business entity to act as a real estate broker without obtaining a license from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

While the North Carolina Real Estate Commission completes additional tasks as a state agency, its primary function includes overseeing licensing and regulating real estate agents.

The regulation includes the power to hand down disciplinary action. Disciplinary action includes suspension, revocation of a license, or censure or reprimand of any license holder.

The North Carolina Real Estate Commission can act on its initiative or receive a complaint from anyone, which may trigger an investigation into the allegations of violations.

If you’re a license-holding Real Estate Professional or Real Estate Company in North Carolina who is facing revocation, suspension, investigation, or any other type of licensing issues, Nick Dowgul and North State Law may be able to help you protect your license.

Dowgul, who holds a North Carolina professional license, understands that a license in good standing means you can continue working in your profession at total capacity.

Facing licensing issues means worrying about your wage-earning prospects for the near future. Additionally, your or your business’ reputation is at stake when your conduct is questioned.

Dowgul has experience helping North Carolina Real Estate Professionals and professional license holders from many disciplines across the spectrum in the state.

How will a North Carolina Real Estate License Defense Lawyer be able to help me if I'm facing licensing issues from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission?

As stated above, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission can begin an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing on their initiative or a complaint by a person.

The Commission can subpoena witnesses, records, or other materials that concern any matter as to the allegations.

An experienced Professional License Defense attorney can help you in this situation. If you do not comply with a subpoena, you may face punishment from a North Carolina court.

The Commission may also hold hearings on the allegations of misconduct. An experienced attorney can work with you and prepare you for these meetings.

In a hearing situation, someone who is not well-versed in Administrative Law may answer questions in a way that buries the defense of their Real Estate License without even knowing they’re doing so.

Ultimately, obtaining an experienced lawyer to defend you means that someone experienced in these matters is on your side fighting for you.

Is there a certain point in the process that I should seek the services of a North Carolina Real Estate License Defense Lawyer?

While our firm has helped many clients at different points of the process in professional license matters, we always say the best time to obtain a lawyer is as soon as possible.

Obtaining a lawyer early in the process allows the lawyer to work on defending you before proceedings have started in earnest. With this time, the attorney has time to ask questions, obtain documents and build the best defense possible to do their best to protect your Real Estate License.

Bringing a lawyer into the process late sometimes means they will be fighting an uphill battle in a short time window. Mishaps that occurred before the attorney was involved may render the defense of your license that much more difficult.

While we welcome calls and contacts at any point of the process at North State Law, it is best to consult with a lawyer as soon as you receive notification of the allegations of misconduct.

If you haven’t received a notice yet, but feel one may be coming soon, contact an attorney for a consultation to get peace of mind about your situation.

Hiring a lawyer is 100% up to you, but we strongly suggest at least speaking to a lawyer to get some clarification about your situation and know what you may be facing soon.

What are some common reasons for disciplinary action taken by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission?

Many situations may lead to suspension, revocation, or investigation by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. You can find many of these in the North Carolina General Statute 93A-6. However, the following situations are common ones we see within our practice:

  • Conviction of a crime that shows professional unfitness (theft, bribery, extortion, etc.) in North Carolina or any other state.
  • Pursuing a course of misrepresentation or false promises through agents, advertising, or otherwise
  • Monetary Mismanagement (commingling money, trust accounts, escrow, etc)
  • Knowledge of client providing false information in disclosure statements
  • Unlawful practice of law by contract additions or subtractions for their clients

I haven't received a notice from the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, but I think someone has complained, and they'll be contacting me soon. What should I do?

First, take a deep breath. If you’re in this type of situation, there is no doubt you’re fearful of the unknown. Worry and fear are typical emotions we witness in our clients when they first contact us. What helps alleviate these emotions is information.

If you think a notice of misconduct allegations will be coming soon, we strongly suggest you contact an experienced attorney who has experience in Administrative Law and has a record of defending clients in front of state agencies like the North Carolina Real Estate Commission.

At North State Law, we can answer any questions you may have about your situation to help you better understand what you’re facing. We can also let you know how we can help.

Worrying will help nothing in this type of situation. A consultation with someone with experience will at least give you some peace of mind.

Contact North State Law

If you have received a notice of misconduct allegations, are facing investigation, license suspension, or revocation by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, contact Nick Dowgul of North State Law to discuss your situation.

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