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The main area of practice for North State Law is professional license defense, also known as occupational license defense. We handle all types of professional licensing issues including, but not limited to, cases involving the NC General Contractors Board, NC State Bar, NC Board of Nursing, NC Board of Pharmacy and every other professional licensing board in the state of North Carolina. North State Law also helps childcare facility owners who are facing licensing issues or need help obtaining a daycare license.
Our founder, Nicholas “Nick” Dowgul is passionate about protecting a professional’s license, business, and livelihood.  As a licensed professional, Nick understands that one allegation can endanger your ability to do what you love.  Nick’s experience as a public defender gives him great perspective when representing clients accused of violations of ethical obligations.
Whether you have received notice of a complaint filed against you or the Board has filed a formal complaint after an investigation, it is imperative that you contact an attorney that can protect your livelihood.  Also, if you have an issue with a state agency, please check out our Administrative Law page for more information.

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