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Tell A Friend About These 5 Tips For Avoiding a Child Care Facility Complaint

Tell A Friend About These 5 Tips For Avoiding a Child Care Facility Complaint

All child care facilities in North Carolina must adhere to the rules, regulations, and laws set by North Carolina, NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE). The DCDEE makes sure that these rules and laws are followed by North Carolina child care facilities through administrative actions. Here are some tips to avoid a complaint and further administrative actions.

1. Ensure all staff are following policies and procedures

The owner and operator of a child care facility is responsible for making sure that their staff is qualified for child care in North Carolina and is trained on all of the current policies and procedures. It is also the owners responsibility to make sure their staff is following said policies and procedures at all times.

2. Always be ready for inspections

The owner and operator of a North Carolina child care facility should be maintaining the standards for child and staff safety and care at all times not just when there is notice of an inspection. If the operator stays prepared, there should be no stress or worry when an inspection does take place.

3. Follow feedback from state inspectors regarding child safety

The inspector’s job is to make sure that the children in the child care facility are safe and properly cared for. If you or someone you know has received feedback from a state inspector, follow it! They are working in the best interest of the children and your facility.

4. Look for ways to improve

Improvements can always be made to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children. This will also help avoid administrative actions and will aid in a successful inspection.

5. Maintain a cohesive staff

The owner and operator’s responsibility is to not only make sure all of their staff is on the same page when it comes to policies and procedures but to also make sure that all staff is working together well.
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Source: Chapter 13 of the Child Care Handbook from the Division of Development
Written by BréLeigh Stragand, Marketing Assistant