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Professional License Defense In North Carolina

The focus of North State Law is professional license defense, Office of Administrative Hearing actions, family law & civil litigation. Our office serves the entire state of North Carolina. We encourage people to reach out to us even if it’s not an area of law we practice because we love to help connect the public with attorneys we know and trust.

This firm believes in establishing a long-term relationship with our clients as well as making sure we are able to help our clients in their time of legal need. We strive to keep our clients in the light when it comes to their case and work to keep an open line of communication with clients.

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Nurse Practitioner Regulation

How Can Nurses Avoid Patient Charting Errors in North Carolina?

Properly recording a patient’s chart is essential for all healthcare providers.  Since nurses are typically around a patient more than any other healthcare provider, failure to properly record a patient’s chart can happen more frequently than with other healthcare providers.  A patient’s chart is what helps other nurses maintain proper


What Should I Do if a Nursing Patient Falls?

Today’s discussion involves what a nurse should do if a patient falls while in their care. We will be talking about the four steps that nurses should take in response to a fall. Our discussion will also focus on what happens if a nurse does not follow the correct procedure.