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Helping North Carolina Professionals When They Are Facing Licensing Issues.

North State Law was founded in 2019 by North Carolina Attorney Nicholas Dowgul.

The chief practice area of North State Law is Professional License Defense for individuals facing discipline from a North Carolina Licensing Board, State Agency, or any Governmental Authority.

Professional License Defense is also known as Occupational License Defense or simply Administrative Law.

The type of discipline a North Carolina professional can face from a licensing authority involves a broad spectrum of possibilities. They include but are not limited to license suspension, revocation, censure, reprimand, and civil penalties.

No matter the profession, the process will generally begin with a Notice of Complaint sent to the licensed individual with a synopsis of the allegations made by a complainant or information discovered through investigation.

The complaint may turn into an investigation, hearing in front of the Board, Agency, or Office of Administrative Hearings, document requests, an interview, and any other proceeding allowed by the NC Administrative Code or NC State Legislation where Licensing Boards and State Agencies can perform their due diligence into an allegation.

From the complaint to the resolution of the allegation, the North Carolina licensee has the right to have counsel represent them.

While counsel may be obtained at any point, it’s generally best to obtain counsel as early as possible. Getting an attorney involved as early as possible allows them to direct everything within the process. Without counsel, an individual may make mistakes early in the process that will weaken their defensive game plan when bringing in an attorney later in the process.

Reaching out to and possibly obtaining the services of a North Carolina Professional License Defense Law Firm, like North State Law, gives North Carolina Professionals someone in their corner with experience. The Law Firm can use that experience to help protect a North Carolina Professional’s license, reputation, and livelihood.

It’s important to remember that there are many Professional Licensing Boards and State Agencies within North Carolina. Generally speaking, each Licensing Board or State Agency has a different process and manner in which they deal with claims concerning their licensees.

This fact makes it essential to reach out to a law firm and attorney with experience in front of multiple State Agencies and Licensing Boards.

It’s also important to remember that all cases have their own unique set of facts and circumstances. If an individual has a peer who faced licensing troubles in the past, it doesn’t mean their case will follow the same process or have the exact resolution.

In addition to being experienced in front of multiple North Carolina Licensing Boards and State Agencies, North State Law has a passion for helping professionals get past their licensing troubles and get back to the career they’re passionate about and have worked so hard to obtain.

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