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How to Renew Your Nursing License in North Carolina

How to Renew Your Nursing License in North Carolina

As a nurse, specifically as a nurse in North Carolina, it is important to keep up with your licensing requirements so that you are able to continue practicing. We know that can be a lot to keep track of but here is some information about the renewal process and requirements to help you stay on track.

When do I Have to Renew My Nursing License?

According to the North Carolina Board of Nursing, “You are required to renew your license by the last day of your birth month. If you do not renew by the last day of your birth month, your license is automatically placed on expired status at midnight on the last day of the expiration month. A licensee with an expired status shall not practice as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. Prior to practicing, you will be required to reapply for licensure and will need to complete the Reinstatement application” (North Carolina Board of Nursing).

How to Submit a Renewal Application

  1. Access the Nurse Gateway to complete the Renewal application
  2. Select your license
    1. Your license includes your license type (RN Permanent License or LPN Permanent License), license number, expiration date, and license status.
  3. Select ‘Renewal/Reinstatement’ in the Applications tab
  4. Complete application
The non-refundable fee to submit a renewal application is $100.

Requirements for Renewing Your Nursing License

Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse
  • You currently hold an active license in North Carolina
  • Your current license is within 90 days of the expiration date
  • You must not declare another Compact State as a primary residence
  • You must have met the Continuing Competence requirements: Continuing Competence – 21 NCAC 36.0232
  • Criminal Background Check
    • In accordance with the Nursing Practice Act, all candidates applying for Reinstatement of a North Carolina nursing license are required to undergo a fingerprint-based State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal history check. (North Carolina Board of Nursing).
We hope this helps! For more information regarding the process of renewing your nursing license in North Carolina, please visit and if you have any questions or concerns regarding your license please reach out to us at North State Law.