Professional License Lawyer in North Carolina

North Carolina Administrative Law Attorney

An area of law that goes naturally with professional license defense is administrative law.  Administrative law concerns government agencies that are tasked with regulating and overseeing certain organizations and their employees as well as Office of Administrative Hearing actions.

Example of a Regulating Body

The Department of Health and Human Services—Division of Health Services Regulation—Adult Care Licensure Section regulates adult care home licenses as well as adult care home workers and the Division of Child Development and Early Education regulates childcare licenses as well as childcare workers.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage Requirement for Businesses

Also, under the umbrella of administrative law is when a business is facing a monetary penalty implemented by the North Carolina Industrial Commission for not carrying worker’s compensation coverage.
Whether you have a small business facing large fines from the Industrial Commission or own an adult care home whose license is at risk, we can help.

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