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North Carolina Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer

North State Law helps North Carolina Pharmacists Protect Their License When They Have Received a Complaint, Facing Investigation or Facing Disciplinary Action from the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy.

As a licensed professional, Attorney Nick Dowgul of North State Law understands the importance of your license to practice as a Pharmacist in North Carolina.

It’s your livelihood.

When facing an issue where your license may be on the line, organizing your defense to protect your license is essential. You have the right to hire counsel to help you navigate the administrative procedures and build your defense in this situation.

Nick Dowgul has experience in front of many North Carolina Licensing Boards. He is passionate about protecting professionally licensed individuals, including North Carolina Pharmacists.

How can a North Carolina Pharmacists License Defense Lawyer help me?

When a North Carolina Pharmacist is facing licensing suspension or revocation, an experienced lawyer can help them navigate the administrative process of the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy.

Administrative processes and procedures can become confusing if you don’t have experience with them. Someone thinking of defending themselves in this type of situation, with no experience, runs the risk of destroying their defense before it can start in earnest.

Hiring an experienced lawyer allows you to have someone on your side who is familiar and comfortable with the administrative process that will take place.

Not only will they know the process, but they will also know how to apply it to the unique circumstances of your licensing situation. Every situation is different, so how the lawyer builds a defense game plan will also be different.

Additionally, if any hearings are scheduled where the Pharmacist has to answer questions, the attorney will have time to prepare them.

When fighting for your livelihood, you don’t want to fight alone. An experienced attorney will get you informed and organized to help protect your license.

When should I hire an attorney if I am a North Carolina Pharmacist facing license revocation or suspension?

As soon as possible.

Obtaining an experienced attorney as early as possible in the administrative process allows the attorney to build your defense to help protect your license. It can also save you from surprises along the way.

The building of your defense to the allegations is the act of investigating the claims, asking questions, obtaining documentation, and obtaining statements. It also involves preparing the client for any upcoming events such as hearings.

The earlier in the process the attorney is tackling these tasks, the better. Ideally, this will give them time to build a more defined defense and make sure all the administrative deadlines are satisfied on your behalf.

What are some common reasons North Carolina Pharmacists have their license revoked or suspended?

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy may decide to administer disciplinary action for many reasons, but the following are the most frequent we see in North Carolina at North State Law:

Unprofessional Conduct
Drug Diversion
Felony Arrest or Conviction
Improper Records
Falsification of Records
Gross Negligence
Substance Abuse
Unprofessional Conduct
Breach of Patient Privacy

What should I do if I am a North Carolina Pharmacist and have been notified of a complaint or investigation?

If you have received notification of a complaint or investigation, it is essential to speak with an experienced North Carolina Pharmacist License Defense Lawyer as soon as you’re able.

At this point, you’re going to be worried and full of questions about your situation. Speaking with a lawyer who has experience in the administrative setting will allow you to ask questions and get detailed answers about your specific set of circumstances.

While simply speaking with a lawyer won’t make the situation “go away,” having your questions answered will provide you with some peace of mind about what you’re facing.

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