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North State Law helps Physicians Protect Their Medical License When They Have Received a Complaint, Facing Investigation or Facing Disciplinary Action from the North Carolina Medical Board.

North State Law understands the negative impact of an investigation or disciplinary action on a North Carolina physician’s career. As a licensed professional himself, Attorney Nick Dowgul is dedicated to protecting the license and reputation of physicians who may go in front of the North Carolina Medical Board due to complaints, investigations, or disciplinary action.

The North Carolina Medical Board

The North Carolina Medical Board, established to regulate medical and surgical practices for the safety and benefit of North Carolina’s residents, comprises 13 members.

The composition includes six licensed physicians recommended by the Review Panel and appointed by the Governor, as detailed in G.S. 90-3. Another five members, also appointed by the Governor, consist of a representative from The Old North State Medical Society, a public member not subject to the Review Panel’s recommendations, a physician assistant, a nurse practitioner, and a licensed physician specializing in osteopathic medicine or a full-time faculty member at a North Carolina medical school, all subject to the Review Panel’s recommendation under G.S. 90-3, barring the public member.

Two more public members are appointed by the General Assembly under G.S. 120-121, with one recommended by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the other by the Senate’s President Pro Tempore.

A board member may serve a maximum of two full three-year terms, although they will continue until their successor is selected and confirmed. Public members appointed under sub-subdivision (a)(2)b. and subdivision (a)(3) can’t be a healthcare provider or married to one. Anyone enrolled in a healthcare profession program or with significant financial interest in a health service or profession isn’t considered a public member.

How can a North Carolina Medical License Defense Lawyer Help Me if I am facing licensing issues?

The process of the North Carolina Medical Board investigating or handing down disciplinary action is an administrative one. This administrative process has many deadlines and procedures that must be followed to comply with the ultimate goal of protecting a Medical License.

While physicians are naturally knowledgeable individuals, their expertise is within medicine and not the legal and administrative process of protecting their medical license.

An experienced North Carolina Medical License Defense lawyer can help a physician by first sharing with them the process. Explain to them what they’re about to face. Also, put together a timeline where they know what steps happen when.

An experienced attorney can help prepare for any appearances in front of the Medical Board, such as a hearing. In this setting, the board will ask questions, and the physician will need to answer them. How they respond matters. An experienced attorney can help them prepare for this where they’re confident in the answers they will give the day of the hearing.

An experienced Medical License Defense Attorney is a professional as well. They understand a Medical License is a physician’s career like their own license is their career.

If I'm thinking about hiring a Medical License Defense Lawyer, when should I hire them?

Generally speaking, as soon as possible.

In any instance where an attorney can be involved, even outside of Medical License Defense, it’s best to hire one as soon as possible.

Getting an attorney into the mix sooner allows them to launch their own investigation into the accusations. It will enable them to prepare their client better for any procedures that will take place in the future.

If a hearing is coming up, it will give the attorney more time to prepare the client for the questions they will receive from the Medical Board.

Additionally, if you’re reading this and think you don’t need a lawyer, we urge you to at least contact one and explain your situation. While there is a lot of information on this site and many others nationwide, your set of facts are unique, as is everyone else’s unique.

You will never know some of the answers to your questions until you speak with someone who has experience in front of the North Carolina Medical Board and protecting a North Carolina Physician’s license.

What are some common reasons for North Carolina Physicians to face disciplinary action or revocation or suspension of their medical license in North Carolina?

While many situations could lead to disciplinary action, revocation, or suspension of a North Carolina Medical License, the following are the situations we see the most often at North State Law:

  • Improper Record Maintenance
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Patient Abuse + Negligence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Drug Diversion
  • Improper Drug Prescription
  • Felony Arrest or Conviction
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Inappropriate Patient Relationship

What should I do if I am currently being investigated, notified of a complaint, or facing disciplinary action from the North Carolina Medical Board?

To better understand your rights and what you’re facing, it’s always best to set up a consultation with an experienced North Carolina Medical License Defense lawyer as soon as possible.

At North State Law, our consultations allow physicians to ask questions and get answers that concern their unique set of circumstances. Better understanding the situation you’re facing will enable you to achieve some peace of mind. At least at this point, what a game plan would look like to protect your license and livelihood.

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